untitled - (bean) by Jake Ormrod

being asked to fight the fright of yet another night
without your body next to mine
our limbs and souls entwined
both our thoughts stuck together with loving glue, as we consider me and you,
a future as two

never alone

with a view to
partial compromises and hastily settled arguments
that would end in pleasant death, a sweet release,
as at least we had spent it together,
braced the bad weather forever till that day.

it is strife beyond words.

my gut leaps a thousand stories at the thought
on top of thought on top of thought on top of thought
till my mind is fraught with mistakes and what-could-have-beens,
two mungus beans in a world of our own making.

was it ours for the taking?

i’m sorry for speaking in clichés
but it’s all i’m hearing,
when someone tells me that time is healing i want to grab their watch
smash the clocks
turn off all phones
remove time from this equation
as its clear discrimination of me,
throughout this slow crawl towards supposed independence
is a poison that i’m not sure i can survive