Thoughts On The Election: An Update

Here I am again, around 48 hours later. The pub garden is surprisingly empty this time, filled with silence rather than the usual weekend drinkers. The news is playing on a loop, as it has been all day, reiterating information seemingly forever. It's a difficult day to articulate.

It's too early to call, the possibility of an alternative Queens speech and the almost certain disaster that is Brexit being discussed in murmurs rather than shouts, but it would seem that we have voted for yet another half decade of the Tories. This is both dissatisfying and scary. To ignore that would be irresponsible. Now more than ever, we need to become more like Jeremy Corbyn. We must be the supporters that he deserves. No more attacks, as much compromise as possible and a rejuvenated understanding of community is needed if we're going ensure the Tories are not allowed to kill more people. Start volunteering. Stop and talk with homeless people rather than just dropping coppers at their feet. If you have an elderly or disabled neighbour, visit with them regularly. Most importantly, politely challenge friends and family on politics.

Despite some fear for the next few years, the defining concept that will follow me from this day onward is how infinitely inspirational Corbyn continues to be. Let's not forget that this man spent decades practicing the sort of politics he wished to see everywhere else, never using his position to progress his career. He was a politician for the people, never for himself. Then, he found himself as the surprise outsider in the leadership election, his brand of politics coming at just the right time. This country has been crying out for a truly left-wing party for decades now, and we've got it. Despite those who decried him, he successfully worked his way to the head of the Labour party.

This past few years must have been difficult. Corbyn has shrugged off a constant attack from both the left-wing and right-wing media, continuing to do what he had already done throughout the rest of his political career. He did not allow himself to be goaded into public attack and stuck by what he believed in; sadly, there are some who will never forget his refusal to take part in royal deference, but he can take comfort in knowing that he did not compromise. Through all of this, he has cemented not only his position as the Labour leader, but also the Labour party's position as a true alternative to centrist and right-wing politics. Even if he never becomes Prime Minister, Corbyn will be remembered for his achievements for a long time to come.

We have become galvanised and the effort of the Labour supporters cannot be forgotten. People who believe that the world can be a better place, despite much evidence to the contrary, have spent the past few weeks going door to door to convince others as well. Political apathy and disfranchisement are the easy way out that we all too often take. These people will remind us till the day we die that the easy way out can have dire consequences.

A cheer must ring out for the youth who came out in their droves to vote as well. The cynical tone of my first piece almost seems farcical now. I apologise to the young voters who I dismissed, as if I am any better; when Ed Milliband was the leader, I spoilt my ballot. Would my vote have made a difference? Judging by the boost the clear swing from the Tories to Labour that we've seen over the past twenty-four hours has had, it's that sort of negative thinking that gets us nowhere. If only I'd realised that two years earlier, along with many of my contemporaries.

We'll have to wait to see how the dust settles for the next couple of months to know exactly what the next five years looks like for this country. When I sat down to write this, I was pessimistic. However, reiterating how far Corbyn has come, dragging many of us along with him, has made me more optimistic than ever.

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