SOFIAHH Collective Release New Music In The Form Of The Knots


Manchester collective SOFIAHH have unveiled their first music in the guise of ‘The Knots’.

The core band members previously played together as Hartheim, a band whose journey was immediately thrown off course with the sudden and tragic death of founding member, Gary Devreede. Picking themselves up after the untimely loss of a band member and close friend, the other members of Hartheim made a number of false starts before arriving in a place that felt both respectful, optimistic and forward facing. Conscious of not wanting to memorialise their music, nor shift so far from it’s roots that it felt foreign to them, SOFIAHH became a project where they felt they could finally make music together again.

First single ’The Knots’ was born in the fallout of all of this. It details the aftermath of such a momentous event, and the indirect disruption to relationships that hadn’t initially seem linked. The introductory offering grows from an insistent bass led opening, into a blend of spiralling guitars and falling synth lines that seek to express the nature of these thinning ties.

Band member Mike Emerson said “Every time we’d get close to having something tangible that we could hold with both hands, this thick opaque fog just came back and pulled it all apart. It coursed through the music, into friendships, love, futures, families. ‘The Knots’ reflects on that process - the total fraying of everything - yet by releasing the track, it actually overcomes it. SOFIAHH, and all that it stands for, is moving forwards.”

The track and video were recorded entirely live in a disused mill in Manchester, in an attempt to display the rawness of the situation and the feelings of those involved in as clear away as possible. They made a decision to do away with any refinement, gimmicks or filters. Everything has been done by the band themselves to fit their vision for the project completely; from recording, filming, artwork and editing.

With support for their previous project coming from the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs, Steve Lamacq, NME and The Skinny, SOFIAHH intend to pick up from where they left off, with live dates and further releases to follow.