Precipice by Jake Ormrod

Hammond, Johnson, Hunt or Gove.
What a depressing Tory treasure trove,
to decide from in the hope of fooling me
as they watch with glee
as May circles the drain
her physical pain bringing a smile to the vile ranks that would wilfully refer to themselves as Tory.

Leaders need to be boring.
They have to be willing to accept snoring.
Not hard line or charismatic like that sweater wearing Corbyn.

We, collectively, stand on the precipice of possibility,
too many of us unsure of which side
unsure where to hide once it comes to the day when we must jump.
There is no longer a middle ground.
It has been carved up and cleaved open by the right wing and centre left
leaving the country with only one opposition to the complete abolition of
human rights
public healthcare
and basic decency.

You either cower with them or stand with me,
because for the first time in a long time
we number in our millions,
enough to shout back at the villains who would have you destitute.
They would shoot if they could,
but instead have to hide behind media lies that cause disabled lives to perish in their thousands.

When it's all said and done,
will you stand with us
or will you stand dumb
with those who believe fit for work is merely another phrase
to help kill off those scrounging scum?

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