Poetry Showcase - Father Figures by Simon Fruin

Glitter tooth traitors hang from fishing line,
Spiral and spin, boots knock the windows
Crack the panes and shake the frames
The wood splinters -
the sun flickers and bursts to dust in the sky
The pitter patter of crows feet peck at the eyes
That peek through knitted fingers, tar stained
Smelling of leather,
Tasting of never.

My childhood face, painted in diesel-rainbowed puddles,
So deep with the grit that burrows beneath your skin,
Holy tattoos spell out sepsis
The fever burns in bitter hacks,
Its echoes stir him back around
His chapped grin beckoning you with three-ply promises

“Do you dream of me? I dream of you”
(I dream of you too)
I look to the ground
His cackles clash with the morning
Splash colour on your cheeks
You open your mouth to speak
I close my eyes,
Finally sleep

Simon is a writer living in Manchester. You can find him on twitter here.