percentage of thus by Luke Steinman

The feeling when they switch offline: a drop of the stomach; a loss of self.

You're forced to look around you and come to terms with who and what you are.

In that moment rebirth becomes evident.
Survey the items on the shelf.
See what booze is left.
What band can you listen to next?

Reality hits like a line of coke. Waves of unknowing strike your body. Truely alone - truely nothing.

Begin to reflect. Dissect life and what it has been up until now - realise that what you actually wanted was some physical interaction.

Scoff at the idea.
Scoff at the idea that people are real - that people aren't something that can go offline.

Songs make you believe that a happy existence is achievable. Lose yourself in the lyrics and imagine that the twinkling of the chords is the theme to your final scene. The idea of instilling hope through art is opaque but chase it... never stop chasing.

I love you 'Till the End.

To realise you're a bad person and are exactly the same as every other bad person that's existed.

The facade slips and you're laid brazen beneath the clinical shine of realisation.