One for Luce by Laura Lanks

Counting days, tallying weeks
Our story being built
Brick by brick
Slowly slowly take it all in
The rushes I get when I feel your skin
When I harvest your kisses and I catch your eye
And right in the middle it reflects the sky
Or it transforms into a sunflower
In a tiny ocean too
420 different shades of marbled blue
One for each day
A different outfit if you will
Because each day shapes us
And So your eyes change too
They grow and look deeper
They open up for me
So inside I can dip my toes
In your tiny little sea
The honest gaze and sometimes
I feel like I haven't looked in days
I mean I've looked
But I haven't looked
And then I look
And I fall
And I remember how I fell
And I'm granted another plunge
Inside your wishing well

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