Needless Photography - An Experiment In Amateur Photography

Like pretty much everything I've become obsessed with over the past few years, my love for photography all started with a writer. While reading one of William S. Burroughs' rambling passages detailing a walk through a city whose name doesn't matter, I became enamored by the snapshots he described taking throughout. Even though I never saw them, I spent a whole day imagining them.

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It was around eighteen months until I was able to grab a camera from a mate of mine who was going travelling and shedding her worldly possessions. Once I'd been given a crash course in ISO, shutter speed and aperture, I was ready to get out and start taking photographs of my own. I've now collected around four volumes of "Needless Photography" that has so far showcased my life in static: me spending time with the people that I love with some random stuff thrown in for good measure.

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I've found that my photography has shaped my writing in a way, giving me a look into how a framed moment in time can be described or elaborated upon. The camera and the novel are the tangible component while the photograph and words are the abstract. Burroughs helped me realise that photography is a perfect way to instruct creatives on how to explain the visual through words, both allowing you to practise the other. If you want to follow me on this experiment, my work can be found here.

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