Jacob Rees-Mogg – The Honest Face Of The Conservative Party

Whenever old Moggy manages to drag himself into the public eye, grabbing headlines and causing internet outrage, I find myself in a bit of an odd spot. On the one hand, I roll my eyes and dig my fingers into my palms at the concept someone this backwards could possibly be handed a position of power. On the other, I am filled with such an odd shame that we share the same name. You know that feeling you get when someone you hate tells you they like one of your favourite bands? It’s like that, except this concerns civil rights rather than The Fall.

If you haven’t seen, Jacob Rees-Mogg appeared on television to make comments that had clearly been well researched. He claimed that abortion was wrong in any circumstance, including rape, while also taking aim at the homosexuals, who he believes should not be allowed to marry or have the same rights as straight people. It’s funny to see the citizens of this country laugh at the state of American politics, their obsession with religion specifically, and then have backbenchers on the television saying shit like this. Some of you may be fine having civil policy defined by someone’s religious belief, but I personally couldn’t imagine anything more terrifying. That being said, it certainly didn’t come as a surprise.

More than just making shocking statements, Mogg managed to make it to the headlines because he has been pushed as a possible Tory leader following the total May embarrassment that took place in the recent election. The Queen is dead, and while her corpse may have enough life in it to be carted around for the next two years, the Conservatives will be looking for a new leader to take over once the body has fully decomposed. Among that throng of bastards sits Jacob Rees-Mogg. While some may scoff at this, I couldn’t be less surprised at the possibility.

In a twisted way, Mogg is the parallel Corbyn; a man that is finally espousing the views that his party is “supposed” to stand for. If he were to become leader of the Conservative party, it would make a lot more sense than most of the other frontrunners. For those people out there, both moderates and the right-leaning, who are made uncomfortable by the abhorrent quotes from Mogg, you should know that this is nothing new. This man, along with many of his colleagues, has constantly voted against the concept of equality. These people do not care about benefits. They do not care about minorities. They do not care about you.

The comments made by Jacob Rees-Mogg are out-dated and offensive, but to pretend that they’re not rife among many politicians in the Conservative party is just being wilfully ignorant. We’d like to pretend that people like Mogg are actually in the minority, but the truth is, he’s the vocal minority. Unlike many politicians who are paid and prepped to lie through their teeth, Mogg is the establishment’s nightmare in many ways. If he were to make it to the top of the Tory ladder, you would hope it’d spell disaster, but at least he’d rule with honesty.

Just as moderates within the Labour party foresaw disaster at the hands of an honest Corbyn, it’s hard to see the moderates within the Tory party looking forward to an election with this religious bigot at the helm. The only difference is, while one ran on a platform of equal rights for all, the other will run on a platform of the complete opposite. A vote for Mogg will be a vote for a United Kingdom that exists in the cobwebbed minds of white, straight men, a United Kingdom that the Conservatives are supposedly in favour of.

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Jacob Rees-Mogg. Pub quiz. Love freedom. Come fifth. was taken by Tom Phillips and is available for use under Creative Commons.