End The Stigma

It's only every now and then you'll find someone out there that creates something just in the hope of helping someone else or pushing a movement forward. Not only does society often teach us that the world is too harsh to be looking out for anybody else, but it also treats creativity and mental health as something less important than making money. However, these people are out there, and one of those people is Kat Selwyn Layton.

Using what she describes as badges containing a simple yet powerful message, she hopes that someone struggling with a neurodivergent condition will be able to find the help they otherwise felt too ashamed to ask for. It's a beautiful cause that everyone can get behind, so I wanted to share it here in the hopes it would reach further.

Inspired by Layton's work and words, I changed my profile picture to reflect my own battle with mental health problems and I would ask anyone out there who feels comfortable enough to do so as well. If not, then share the word around and start posting with the hashtags contained across each badge so that we can tell the world that there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to health.

If you'd like to take a look at these badges yourself or just want to be a part of the movement, visit the Facebook page here