drugs are boring by Jake Ormrod

the news is out, drugs are boring
whether for sleep or late night fawning
to dance all night or get you yawning
doesn’t matter cause drugs are boring.

underneath the social side
that brings out traits you’ve tried to hide
there’s something vile and much more snide
it’s time the youth began to turn the tide
now we know that drugs are boring.

there’s no use for the word mingle
once you feel that familiar tingle
orgies, couples, even single
turn monosyllabic from bilingual
drugs turn everyone rather boring.

even the ones that aren’t illicit
the one’s you’re given during a hospital visit
the ones that keep the mentals with it
the ones that morph and control the spirit
these people are forced to find out drugs are boring.

so next time you find yourself at a party
think that drugs could make you hearty
remember that you’re much more quirky
that drugs don’t equal personality
that drugs, most definitely, make you boring.

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