Citalopram Stories No 6. - dream of consciousness – birth and viscera

two days into glastonbury with a handful of people all looking blurry i think i know i decide its best to get out of there before its too hard to go on i find myself in a heavily suburban area with many landmarks i feel i know but have never seen in a nearby pub i find luke with a pair of friends from brid but i say i cant stay the place is packed and im sweating on my way home a pregnant woman stops me outside her house and tells me i said id babysit for her while she goes and has her kid i say i dont know her but she insists so i look after her kids while she pops out another miracle. when i leave i find a woman i know and recognise and she grabs me around my shoulders and smiles and asks me round to hers while grabbing at me but first we go to the pub from before ailish is there with luke now but his mates have gone she reminds me ive been dumped recently which hasnt occurred to me while warning me this woman im with is fickle and already shes off chatting it on with the dj when we are all going home we take three separate taxis for whatever reason and she pushes the dj out who bursts on the road in cum and viscera i go back to hers with her but we just chat for hours and im out of there in the morning and the birdsong and I am ALONE

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